Tene Edwards, author of Walk With Wings

“The reviews of Walk With Wings were very personal and well-written, perfectly showcasing the book as Nayanika describes how it can help somebody cultivate a more supportive and loving relationship with themselves. Thank you Nayanika for supporting my writing journey and being such a joy to work with. “

Dhiraj Taneja, author of Trust the Universe

“pretty_little_bibliophile has been a lifesaver for me. After self-publishing my first book Trust the Universe, I was clueless about how to promote my work. For a short time, I tried to promote it myself but discovered how much time it took away from what I like to do most…write. I came to realize how many book reviewers are out there, so I did a little research and found her reviews genuine. As a debut writer, asking her to review my book was the most cost-effective way to get my name and my work before thousands of readers. I will certainly be contacting her again for my future projects.”

Priyanka Bhuyan, author of Krishna’s Sister

” Working with Nika was more than just book reviewing… The way she weaves her story, her format, and her entire presentation makes her stand apart from other reviewers. Also, the fact that she takes initiative to stick to her timeline is an added advantage. Also very down to earth “

Ajay Ramanathan, author of What A Time To Be Alive

” I have approached Nayanika on two occasions and on both, her reviews were nothing but excellent. I have noticed that she tends to bring some astute insights mixed with both praise and constructive criticism.
I suppose It shouldn’t really be a  surprise, given her background in English Literature. The best part about her reviews is that she isn’t afraid to call a spade by its name, which I think is essential for any art critic.
I think every budding author ought to pass the ‘pretty little bibliophile’ test. Can’t wait to send her my next work!  “

Saravana Kumar Murugan, author of The First Call

“It is impossible to write a ‘Feedback’ or ‘Testimonial’ for Nayanika S a.k.a Pretty Little Bibliophile. So, I’m calling it a piece of text to tell how much I admire her. Be it the reviews of my books, the interview, or the way she edited my books, “The First Call” & “Coffee Date”, she has done a wonderful job. I’m not saying this because she wrote good reviews of my books. Trust me she wrote ‘good reviews’… I meant quality. A good quality review helps you reach better audience rather than just appraising words. She knows it very well. That’s why her reviews, her videos, her DIYs, her calligraphy, everything she does is just amazing. Keep up spirit alive, Nika.
As always, your admirer, Sarav 😊”

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