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Coincidence of Spies: Blog Tour Stop!

Today’s blog post is on the recently released thriller novelCoincidence of Spies. By Brian Landers, it is Book 3 in The Dylan Series! Spoiler Alert: I totally loved it!

I received a Review Copy of this book from the publisher as part of my participation in their tour. All opinions expressed are my own.

Coincidence of Spies I Blog Tour

Winter 1981. Poland is in turmoil. The Communist regime is close to collapse and the CIA wants to help it on its way. They ask for MI6 assistance but insist the MI6 Station in Warsaw is not involved. Why not? And who will the Americans accept? MI6 agent Thomas Dylan is sent from Moscow. His wife has just witnessed a murder and the Russian authorities want her out of the country. But when Thomas and Julia arrive in Warsaw the bullets start to fly. Two American agents disappear near the Polish lakes, a terrified Polish sailor jumps ship in Middlesbrough and a Polish peasant claims to have found the lost crown of a medieval King. Somebody needs to work out what’s happening. And quickly. Because back in London a KGB killer is on the loose.

my review

Over the past few days I had to opportunity to delve into what I had always thought of James Bond’s world. In the political thriller Coincidence Of Spies I went on interrogation runs with Dylan Thomas, saw the world and inner workings (also internal politics) of the legendary agencies such as the MI5, MI6, CIA and so on, in various degrees! Thanks to RedDoor Books for having me on this tour!

Coincidence of Spies
Coincidence of Spies

Okay first off, Landers has done a lot of research! The historical events from the time are intertwined with the storyline and it adds a layer of authenticity to the story. As a reader, I also had great fun reading about these spies, the agencies and the way they worked. The hierarchy, the internal pecking order, the internal politics, it just made it all look very real. As I read the book I realized that I had always viewed these agents (of whatever agency they hail from) as robots, devoid of feelings and stone cold operatives. But this book really opened my eyes and made me change my perspective. They are normal humans like us (but of course can defend themselves, maybe shoot a few times without a sweat, and are actually trained in diplomacy as well apart from espionage) and as such the emotions they have are very humane. This book truly helped humanize these people in my eyes.

As for the plot, oh my my! It was really well done. Oftentimes thrillers tend to have abrupt pace change and it muddles the reader. But COS hit the nail on the head. It was perfectly paced, with sufficient time to let the mystery boil amidst the interrogations, the discussions, the diplomatic talks, household discussions and of course the action sequences. Overall, I cannot gush enough about this book. I would advise the reader to go slow because all the agencies and the names can get a bit confusing but I assure you, one soon gets the hang of it. But do pick it up soon! 

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