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How to: A Bullet Journalling Guide

(This is a post succeeding Time Management and Bullet Journalling )

I decided to compare two months’ spreads and show you all how I make and then improvise my spreads. So, I’ll be using both the September and October spreads to help you all build up your own spreads.

So at the starting, I use the square lined notebook from Amazon Basics. It’s really affordable (tagged at 299INR) and quite nice. It however also bleeds a little but since I do not use water colours anyway, it works for me. Apart from it, the most basic things you’ll need are like those of every other craft requirement – pens, brush pens, colours (whatever medium you need), scissors, stickers, pictures, glitters, gum, etc. 

Cover Page

The first page to make for every month is the cover page and as you can see I chose the colour green for September and pink for October. September was also a relatively less busy month for me so I could devote more time to designing and all, but it’s entirely the opposite in October. I also used green marble paper to decorate the cover page for September, and a leaf sticker that I bought from Wish. I also used a golden Sharpie that I got from amazon, and normal black pen along with a green Crayola fine tipped marker to write the calendar and quote respectively.  For October, I decided to keep it simple and minimalistic. And so for that reason itself, I went with pink because I felt black and white would be too simplistic. In this way I made a minimalistic yet non-boring spread. The stickers are again from Wish and I filled in the designs with my pink Crayola fine tipped marker.

Monthly Spread

The next two pages are reserved for my monthly spread. Having the whole layout of the month helps me with the scheduling a lot. So in September, I went with the green theme and used another marble paper, a lighter green this time, to write the month name on. To make use of the empty page area at the top, I wrote in a quote I got off the net. For me the week always begins on Monday so that is a format I use, as you can see in the pictures. You can of course customize it according to your own likings. I also always make sure to write the dates in a colour that strikes out from the surroundings and does not blend in. I have clicked the pictures in such a way that you can see the progress – the September pictures were clicked as soon as I finished making it. However, I decided to click the October spread, almost a week in so that you can see how I use it. And mind you, the monthly spreads do not always remain very neat and tidy so do not be hard on yourself if you make a mistake. As a sort of a perfectionist myself, I understand the pressure and expectations we place on ourselves. I again used a sticker from Wish, in the October monthly spread. And another quote! So adding quotes is something I like. If you want to customize that you can – just colour that area, make some doodles or whatever you want to.


In the next two pages, you can see my use of the left side to make the expense tracker. Managing my finances is something I am very conscious about and so this page really helps me a lot. I have the following columns – date, income (money I may get from others), expenditure (money I utilize, along with the reason mentioned), and savings (whatever I save that day). This is a page that has stayed common for both September and October. But as you can see, I intended to use the right side in September as a habit tracker. But I obviously instead ended up using it as a planning page – as to when I post and such matters. And I found that this really helped me a lot. So I planned to use the same thing in October, but just changed the heading to my account name.

You can also use this for habit tracking, as I used to do a long time ago; say for – sleeping, house work, laundry, studying, eating, exercise etc.

Brain Dump

And then we have the brain dump sheets. Like the name suggests, I used to write just about anything. In October you can see I used it to write my monthly TBR and also to keep a record of the times as to when I started or finished a book. So basically anything. For example, you can keep a list of the things you ordered online on a particular date and the date you expect to receive the parcel and so on.

Weekly Spreads

And now, we have reached the main point of keeping a bullet journal – using bullet points to keep some things on your mind. In October, I decided to use one page for each week. On the edge-side I wrote in the names of the days and the things to do for each day. Towards the side, I, however, made a column where I wrote the things I have to do throughout the week, because I may have to submit that particular work in the next week.

So as you can see, the Bullet Journal is all about planning and the best part is that it is totally customizable. I started with this method a few years ago and today, I honestly cannot even think of living without it. I cannot remember how I honestly survived without it before. But I guess life wasn’t so hectic then.

Anyway, that’s the end of my sort of guide. I hope it helped all of you and if you have any doubts or tips, feel free to contact me at nayanikasaikia98@gmail.com or drop a DM in my bookstagram account @pretty_little_bibliophile .