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Ignited Emotions: A Poetry Collection

Ignited Emotions is a poetry collection by the book blogger Devanshi Sanghani. It is her debut collection.

Ignited Emotions
Ignited Emotions

This book is a compilation of quotes and poetry that I have written over the years. This book is a journey of heartbreak from people leaving but also is a journey where we find ourselves in difficulty to pursue what we truly want to achieve. It is about accepting who you truly are, accepting life in its best form, and accepting the struggles that will take you to a better place. The words are meant to ignite your innermost feelings.

my review

Ignited Emotions is a little book of poetry, one that I had the pleasure of reading. Firstly, thank you for letting me read this book Devanshi and I wish you all the luck in this new sphere of your life.

The collection encompasses various short poems as well as a few long ones, a few write-ups, etc. There were also very aesthetic illustrations accompanying each piece of work. New age poetry has totally overtaken our lives especially because of the brilliant union of deep thought which are relevant today, and simple language, unlike the comparatively literary and complex ones which are admittedly still present.

The themes that were reflected in this work were those of self-acceptance, how seeking validation from others may not be the way to go, love and heartbreak, moving on, self-love, and giving oneself another chance, how self-pity is not worth it, etc. I have a few favourite ones which I shall include here.

I found that this book really tried to reinforce the idea of self-love and how it is essential in today’s world. After all, if you can’t give yourself time to heal and basically help yourself, how can you truly help someone else?


It was a pretty good collection. There could have been a few modifications to the editing but considering it is a debut, it was pretty good. I rated it 3/5 stars.


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