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A Refreshing read: Ruskin Bond

This little book was a refreshing read. Despite its easy and seemingly normal subject matter, this book has the capacity to change your outlook.

Plants1 - Ruskin Bond
A Little Book of Magical Plants by Ruskin Bond


In this little book full of whimsical illustrations and thoughtful quotations, Ruskin Bond introduces us to his favourite plants. Meet the resilient rubber, the tantalizing tomato, the generous grass, the dainty dahlia, the nifty neem and many others. Bond’s simple and descriptive prose brings these apparently inanimate beings alive—each with a distinct identity, a singular quirk. A Little Book of Magical Plants is a handy guide to discover more about this often ignored world of ‘green growing things’.

My review:

This little book was a refreshing read. Despite its easy and seemingly normal subject matter, this book has the capacity to change your outlook. I think I read it at the perfect time – just in time for the new year. Through the simple yet descriptive prose that Bond is so famous for, he introduces us to his favourite plants. What is magical is how he opens our eyes to make us see the qualities each of these plants possess. We too should be just as resilient and kind and accepting of our own quirks.

Plants2 - Ruskin Bond
A Little Book of Magical Plants by Ruskin Bond

At a time when we as Indians are getting shocked every day because of the gruesome crimes happening against women, let us all pledge to be kind and brave and always stand up against whatever is wrong. I loved how nostalgic the writing seemed to get at times. The author adds his own anecdotes and it just lends a special flavour to the writing.

There are also beautiful illustrations that are very soothing to the eye. Moreover, the quotes are presented in calligraphy adding another layer to beauty to this already adorable book.

4.5/5 stars to this gem!

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My Danielle Steel COllection!

So I have told you all multiple times about how i inherited quite a few books from my mother’s side of the family. Among them were various editions of Danielle Steel. Now, I was very young back then and so my Mom would not let me read Steel. But now, after I appeared for my 10 Finals, I was basically given free reign to read whatever I wanted.

So here are the few Danielle Steel books I own today (1 to 6 are old old editions):

  1. Season of Passion, 1979
  2. A Perfect Stranger, 1982
  3. The Gift, 1994
  4. Special Delivery, 1997 (This book was tagged at just 60INR!)
  5. The Klone and I, 1998 ( This book was tagged at just 50INR!)
  6. Bittersweet, 1999
  7. Dangerous Games, 2017
  8. The Duchess, 2017
  9. The Right Time, 2017
  10. The Good Fight, 2018
  11. Lost and Found, 2019

So I have been reading the last 5 above mentioned books for the #lostandfoundreadathon and I have been loving it. Steel has a way of writing that just touches your heart and makes you relate so easily!

Have you read any of these? Do you enjoy reading Danielle Steel books as well?

April 2019 Book Haul Part 2!

And I am back with the part 2 of my April book haul!

I really want to thank you all for the outpouring of good wishes and prayers I received from you all in the comments and my DMs. You might think it is not much help, but let me tell you, that mental and emotional support I got was tremendous and I guess I would have been feeling worse had it not been for your encouraging and loving words.

And well, the PTM went great, thank you all for asking! The Head of my Department praised me and I was in seventh heaven.

Anyway, moving on to the bookhaul, the rest of the 15 books I got are:

  1. Sketchy, Doubtful, Incomplete Jottings by Johann Wolfgang van Goethe
  2. Mr Dearest Father by Wolfgang Amadus Mozart
  3. Antigone by Sophocles
  4. Circe and the Three Cyclops by Homer
  5. Africa’s Tarnished Name by Chinua Achebe\

Aren’t these editions simply elegant?! I am hoping to collect more of them. Anyway, the other books I acquired in April are not with me right now (I’ve lent them to a few friends and family)

  • The Second Sex by Simone d Beauvoir
  • Tied Hearts
  • Still Loved, Still Missed

What is the one place you love to go to? Supposing money is not a problem!