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If Characters from Winter Dream Were Candle Scents (Guest post!)

To say that I love candles is slightly an understatement. I love candles. Even more so – Christmas candles. So much so, I know to avoid the stores around this time of year, because I’ll want to buy them all!
Around the holiday time, many of my favorite scents and flavors become popular. Peppermint, Mocha, Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie – and more. Just the thought of reading a good book in front of a warm fire, while the air is filled with a smooth, rich “Christmas-y” scent – made me wonder if my characters from  Winter Dream were candle scents – what would they be?
And how fun of a post it would be to share with you! Now as you read “Winter Dream,” perhaps you’ll be able to choose your own favorite candle scent, and enjoy some quality “you-time” that you deserve!
Clara – Home for the Holidays. Cinnamon and clove, mixed with earthy cedarwood and balsam. This IS my favorite candle, of all time. I burned this scent MANY of times as I wrote “WinterDream.” When I think about the main character of this book, it feels only fitting to give her this candle.
The Nutcracker: Balsam Forest. The wonderfully clean, wintry fresh scent of a breeze blowing through a thick stand of pines. As a Nutcracker – made of wood – would smell; he would have the scent of a wonderfully, magical forest – fit for a Snow Prince.
Uncle Drosselmeyer: Magical Frosted Forest. An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines. Uncle Drosselmeyer is a magical being in the story of “The Nutcracker,” and “WinterDream.” It feels only right to place him with a “magical” candle – but still stays close to the wonders of Christmas and snow. Drosselmeyer plays a key role in the mystery of the WinterDream land – and Clara and the Nutcracker’s story. I’m sure this candle would delight anyone (just as I hope the story does too!)
Mother Ginger: Frost Gingerbread. Gingerbread freshly frosted—a holiday delight that fills any room with welcome and warmth. It would only be fitting for Mother Ginger to be represented as a warm and welcoming scent – and one that consists of ginger. She’s sure to make anyone feel at home in her inn, just as this scent should too!
Lady Irina: Icy Blue Spruce: A fresh breath of winter forest—juniper berries, blue spruce, spearmint leaves. Lady Irina is the daughter of the Lord and Lady of Sugarland Forest – so it felt only right to give her too – a candle that had something to do with forests. But in her case, something darker – blue.
Marzipan: Sugar Frost Christmas. Fresh-baked and topped with creamy vanilla frosting—a delicious holiday treat. I thought this was perfect for Marzipan – who is named after a delightful dessert! She, as a character is sweet and wonderfully kind to Clara upon her arrival to the WinterDream palace.
And those are my choices for candle scents that I’d associate with my characters in “WinterDream”! Be sure to check out “WinterDream” on November 27th as it waltzes onto bookshelves near you – and of course, stop by Yankee Candle (and/or) check out local candle makers for amazingly wonderful Christmas scents as the holiday season gets underway!
(Guest post by the author of Blinding Night, Allerleirauh, Between the Sea and Stars, etc., Chantal Gadoury, on occasion of the upcoming release of her latest book Winter Dream)
Amazon Best Selling Author, Chantal Gadoury, is a 2011 graduate from Susquehanna University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. Since graduation, she has published “The Songs in Our Hearts” and “The Songs We Remember,” with 48Fourteen Publishing, and “Allerleirauh,” “Between the Sea and Stars,” and “Blinding Night” with Parliament House Press. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues with that love of writing today. Writing novels for Chantal has become a life-long dream come true! When she’s not writing, she enjoys painting, drinking lots of DD Iced Coffee, and watching Disney classics. Chantal lives in Muncy, Pennsylvania with her Mom, Sister and furry-’brother’ Taran.
Chantal Gadoury Author
Here’s the synopsis for Winter Dream!
This Christmas Eve… no creature was stirring…
Except, maybe, a mouse.
At long last, can true love break the Nutcracker’s curse?
For Clara Stahlbaum, this Christmas means the end of her youth. A daughter of the aristocracy, Clara is expected to give up her dreams of adventures and the extraordinary for more normal days as the wife of a cruel Viscount.
But when magical Uncle Drosselmeyer returns with his wondrous, dancing contraptions, and one…special gift for Clara, she is beckoned to the land of Winter Dream, where she is thrust into the greatest adventure of her wildest dreams. But will she be able to break the Nutcracker’s curse?
Uncle Drosselmeyer’s apprentice, Anton, is handsome as he is mysterious. But what is it about him Clara finds so alluring?
Winter Dream is a phenomenal retelling of The Nutcracker from the eyes of Clara Stahlbaum with all the magic of the Holiday season. If you loved S. Jae-Jones’ Wintersong, you’ll fall in love with this stunning tale of love, war, redemption, and Christmas magic.
Book Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMRGyNtnhZI
You can reach her at:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGadouryAuthor
Blog: http://www.chantalgadoury.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chantalgadouryfans
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8059023.Chantal_Gadoury
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chantalgadouryauthor/
Amazon Author Central: http://www.amazon.com/Chantal-Gadoury/e/B00MTLD0P0/
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An Interview with Mr. Saravana Kumar Murugan (author of the bestselling Coffe Date) on his new heartwarming book- Letters to my Son

Before I begin, I have to state how very lucky I was to have got this amazing opportunity to interact with this author, and how grateful I am to him for having given me a copy of Letters to my Son for review. During our entire interaction, (and not just for the interview), Mr. Murugan has been a very delightful person to talk to and share various tit-bits of information. So, without further ado, here goes our interview session, carried out over the internet.
An Interview with Mr. Saravana Kumar Murugan, author of the bestselling Coffee Date and Letters to my Son. (17 May 2018)

  1. Where did the inspiration for Letters to my Son come from?

[Sarav]: First of all, a heartfelt thanks to you, Nayanika. It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by you. ‘Letters to My Son’ is all about love. The inspiration comes from my dreams. I am a big dreamer. I am also a good listener. I listen to conversations and I take inspiration from them. So, dreams, people and places I visit inspire me to write. And inspirations alone do not help; my biggest support system is my wife and mother. They shower unlimited love and support me to write better.
(Here’s my review of the book: Letters to my Son, Saravana Kumar Murugan, 2018)

  1. How long did it take you to write it?

[Sarav]: Don’t be surprised if I say I wrote Letters to My Son in a week and Coffee Date in eleven nights and 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday. I write at a decent speed. Last year I wrote 10,000 words in 24 hours during the NaNoWriMo month- my best till date.

  1. Did you always imagine you’d be a writer? Has it been a lifelong dream or something that just happened?

[Sarav]: To be honest, I started writing during my teenage. I started penning down poems and later wrote short stories and books. Writing is a passion and getting a book published is a dream. I am glad I am able to accomplish my dreams and follow my passion.

  1. What’s your favorite book and character? Has it, in any way affected your life or even you, as a person- your outlook and perspective etc.?

[Sarav]: On any given day, I can read “The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks”. Such is the love for the book. Of course, my favorites characters are Noah from The Notebook, Jason Bourne from Bourne Trilogy, and Harry Potter & Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.
No- I’m what I am.

  1. Of course, the most obvious question- any advice for young upcoming writers- from the writing itself to publishing?

[Sarav]: Write, read and rewrite, because only practice can make you perfect. When you write, do listen to your heart, as it will help you write heart-touching stories instead of mere bestsellers.

  1. Can you please give us a short summary of other books of yours (for those of us who have loved your writing and are hungry for more)?

[Sarav]: That’s a nice question. Usually, people ask about future works blindly even if the author is not a debutant author. I do not think if I can be able to provide a summary of all books, but I love the list of the ones I am associated with.
Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love – a romantic dosage of love.
Sixteen and Half: an exotic collection of short stories on various genres.
Love and Honey: a tiny collection of poems on lost love and painful tears.
The Writer’s Dream: From Draft to Bestseller – a self-help book.
Shade of Life book series (Editor): Anthology series of short stories and poems.
Contributing author of several anthologies including “Uff Ye Emotions 2”, “Timeless Love”, “A Little Chorus of Love”, among others.

  1. Any future upcoming books we should keep a lookout for?

[Sarav]: Of course! Not just one… you can expect three books (Coffee Reads) in the month of May and June. I am supposed to complete the book “Are You Game” on a controversial topic by the end of April. However, due to professional commitments, I was not able to complete the book. I am working on it and I am hoping to get it published soon. It’s of the genre “Social Cause” and “Romance”. The other books I am working falls under the genre Self Help titled The Writer’s Dream: The Lifeline. (Book 2 of Writing Series) and the other is of genre “Romance” titled “Yet Another Love Story”. 
About the Author
01. Sarav - 1.JPG
Saravana Kumar Murugan goes with the pen name Someone is Special and Sarav. He is the author of the bestselling romantic novel, Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love and the heart-warming book on father’s love, Letters to My Son. He has also written an exotic collection of short stories, Sixteen and Half, a tiny collection of poems on lost love and painful tears, Love and Honey, and a self-help book, The Writer’s Dream: From Draft to Bestseller. He is also the editor of Shades of Life series and a contributing author of several anthologies including “Uff Ye Emotions 2”, “Timeless Love”, “A Little Chorus of Love”, among others. He writes under a pen name “Someone is Special” at “Few Miles– shortlisted as one of the Top 12 Creative Blogs of India in 2014”, and the winner of more than 25 creative writing contests.
Born and raised in Chennai, Sarav lives in Bangalore, where does project management for an MNC. In nine years of IT life, he worked at a customer site in London, UK for a year and at a customer site in Hamburg, Germany for three years. Currently, he is performing the role of Windows 10 Deployment Project Manager for a farming customer.
Contact the Author

  • Social Media Platforms @IAMSARAVOFFICIAL (Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads)
  • Write to him at SARAV@IAMSARAV.COM
  • Website: https://iamsarav.com
  • Blog: https://blog.iamsarav.com