Review Policy

Thank you for checking out my review policy. If you do plan on sending me a book for review, kindly keep the following points in mind.

I do accept review requests. However, I am also a full time student at university, a student counselor, part-time worker at an organization, and also a book blogger.

As such, you might have to wait for a period of 2 weeks upto a maximum of 8 weeks, from the time of me receiving the book until I post the review.

I post the reviews on the following 5 platforms: my website, my bookstagram account (Instagram account), the official India Bookstagram (Instagram account), my Goodreads account, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon (depending on certain factors).

Payment: I realize this may be a deterrent, however, please do keep in mind that reading a book, critically analyzing it and then writing a review on it, is time-consuming. As such, expecting payment is only understandable.

To send me review requests, simply send me an email at with the subject as “REVIEW REQUEST”

OR you can DM me on my Instagram profile, Pretty Little Bibliophile. If you do not mind shipping me to India, kindly use the links. In case that is not possible, I accept Amazon gift cards (the price of book and delivery charges).

My Reading Preferences: I love to read pretty much all genre. However, non-fiction, specifically, business books, and philosophy, and biographies, are not in my forte.

The opinions I shall state in the reviews are completely my own honest ones. Nonetheless, I always refrain from trashing a novel – I ensure that my reviews provide constructive criticism, free from any derogatory talks.

I no more accept e-books. Only hard copies (including paperbacks, hardcovers, mass market paperback) will do.

Passion, Hard Work and Discipline

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