Why You Should Stop Using Linktree and Create Your Own Landing page!

(Why using Linktree is not feasible in the long run and an independent self-sustaining alternative route to your own website!)

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”

― Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

Being a business or an influencer on Instagram means that you probably have quite a few links you want to share with the world. And knowing how Instagram lets you add only one link in your bio, is, therefore, a problem. And this is where platforms like Linktree and Bio.fm came in.

You can create a landing page containing your various links, with the help of these platforms. Then you can add the URL of this one landing page’s URL in your bio. In all fairness, this is really helpful for all of us. However, the main issue is that you are still one click away from your own sites. It is not a direct route, but rather a bypass.

Here’s how using the Linktree looks like:

And it leads to:

So basically, while we cannot deny that Linktree has been very useful, there is still a better self-sustaining alternative.

The aim of adding a link in the bio on Instagram is to lead the visitor to your, say, website. And if you have only one such link to add (only website, or only a Facebook page, etc), then it is feasible to add just that one direct link in the bio.

But most often than not, we have multiple such links we need to attach. And that is why people end up using the Linktree which provides a landing page where all your platform links are noted. However, it is still a Linktree landing page and not your own page, and therein lies the issue.

In the long run, don’t you think it is better to depend on yourself for this? What if the website you are using (Linktree, for example), to make the landing page crashes one day (as Linktree has done previously)? What if, for whatever reason, that site just gets brought down? Where will you be then?

This is where your independent landing page comes in. This is what I do and what I would advise you all to do, too. Instead of making a Linktree landing page, make your own!

How I do this, is simply by creating a Contact Me/Reach Me page on my website. Most of the time, anyway, whenever you even create a new blog or website, there are a few pages that come by default and the Contact Me page is one of them.

Simply customize this already available page into including your links and then, add the URL of this page in the Instagram bio. As simple as that! You can design it and add your brand style to it and make it your own. Here’s what I do on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/pretty_little_bibliophile/ bio:

And it leads to a page on my own website:

I hope you all found this blog post helpful and informative as to why you should have your own independent landing page! Make sure to screenshot your landing page and tag me on Instagram!

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