The Most Notorious Jailbreakers: A review

Today I am sharing my thoughts on THE MOST NOTORIOUS JAILBREAKERS, by Abeer Kapoor, an astounding look into the most daring escapades by some infamous criminals of India.

A definite must-read for fans of MIND HUNTER, CRIMINAL MINDS, and just every other true-crime fanatic out there!

The Most Notorious Jailbreakers, by Abeer Kapoor
The Most Notorious Jailbreakers, by Abeer Kapoor

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Did you know Sher Singh Rana, Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi’s killer, walked out of prison with his friends dressed up like the police officers who were to escort him to Roorkee for his hearing? India’s most notorious conman, Natwarlal, who was sentenced for an incredible 113 years by various courts, promised to pay a police officer a large amount of money if he helped him to escape after which the entire bundle of cash just caught fire all by itself.

In The Most Notorious Jailbreakers, journalist Abeer Kapoor helps you meet some really ‘infamous’ people, all of them criminals, who have escaped the gated walls of prisons all over India. From a math and computer teacher who is actually a rapist on parole, to a backward caste gangster famous for his bloodshedding escapade, and a former PM of a princely state who will do anything to con the authorities; Abeer pieces together the escape plans of 16 such notorious convicts who gave authorities hell, every time.

my review

The Most Notorious Jailbreakers was a truly very interesting book! I was hooked on from the very start getting to know the ins-and-outs, the thoughts, and planning that went behind every escape. The whole idea of writing a book about these daring escapades was just so amazing that the premise was enough to hook me in.

First Impressions

From the synopsis itself, one can understand how these infamous criminals of India made out of the dreaded prisons. Apart from the entire criminal nature of it all, one is compelled to really applaud the ingenuity of these criminals. I mean, damn, were they super clever and sly! Could we do the same if we were locked up? Haha!

Writing style

I also think the writing style of the author was just very intriguing. Instead of making it into a list of actions and plans and such, the author weaved an intricate plot, much like the amazing money heist movies that draw us in from the very start.

Reading about these criminals was just such a cool time! It was like I fell down this rabbit hole once I picked up this book and ended up finishing the book in like three hours. With just 181 pages, this book was a real stunner. I really enjoyed this book (if that hadn’t been obvious so far)! The only thing it lacked was perhaps a few pictures of these prisons, and these criminals. I rated it 4/5 stars!

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