Let’s Talk About Love, by Ajay Ramanathan

Today’s blog post is on the poetry collection Let’s Talk About Love, by Ajay Ramanathan.

I received a Review Copy of this book from the author in exchange for a written review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Never has something captured our imagination more than the four-letter word- ‘LOVE’. While the idea of love has been portrayed in pop culture throughout the years, it has also been a source of confusion, disappointment, depravity and even violence.

Via prose, this book attempts to examine the concept of love and the various ways in which it is manifested in our daily life.

my review

The poetry book I ended up reading in between the transition from January to February was this one. And I have a few conflicting thoughts on this.

Let's Talk About Love, by Ajay Ramanathan
Let’s Talk About Love, by Ajay Ramanathan

The overarching theme was of love in its various degrees and shades – the poet wrote of platonic love of romantic love, of darker versions of obsessive and controlling love, fidelity or the lack thereof, death of friendships, and so on. However, while I did try to keep an open mind, some of the poems just came off as sexist and misogynistic and almost bordering on abuse. I was unsure if the poet believed it to be so or simply tried to portray what he imagined to be the manner of thinking of some people in the world. In this matter, I tried to give the poet the benefit of the doubt. Some of these poems really made me uncomfortable. Nevertheless, they then evolved to the love a mother has for her children, and the love a people have for their mother nation.

On the Writing in Let’s Talk About Love

Coming to the writing, I think it could have gone through another round of editing. I found the language used to be abrupt and lacking in sync. There was a lack of cohesion that could have been looked into. Overall, I am not sure if I would recommend this to anyone without further revisions.

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