Catharsis and Beyond, Alpana Srivastava, 2018

(Previously published as ‘Catharsis and Beyond, Alpana Srivastava, 2018 in )
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 83
These are the delicate yet strong strings of a sensitive soul. Mostly they are cathartic but sometimes they are beyond that… the moods vary from spiritual currents to a passive resistance of the inner struggle through a female heart or from the balanced harmonious life to the ecstasy of complete freedom. The absurdity of social culture finds the satiric tune in a few verses and some are the quiet expedition into the agitated mind.
My Review:
The word ‘Catharsis’ literally means an overflow of intense feelings. Catharsis and Beyond has a really related synopsis that reflects the content of the book.
The 44 poems that were in the book, all covered different themes and each one was reflective and introspective in its own. Some of the themes were of hope, innocence, contentment, the idea of perfection that we have and that we strive for, simplicity in everyday lives, desire, the peace that everyone seeks, nature and its pollution, humanity, letting go and contrastingly, holding on to name a few. Some other significant themes were chauvinism and love, lust, the strife everyone faces to reach their goals, along with hard work and determination; impermanence of our everyday lives, our existence, freedom, and so on.
I loved the idea of inserting photographs between the poems and it’s quite novel compared to most poetry collections. I also liked that in the beginning, the author has devoted a poem to her Guru. The whole book is very concise and can be finished in only one seating and I like this aspect a lot. There were some grammatical errors that I think may be jilted me out of the trance I was in while reading the poems. I definitely recommend it to all beginners who wish to foray into the world of poetry. This is a good book to start with.
I rate it a 4/5!

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