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ARC Review of the spiritual book “UNBECOMING”

Unbecoming is a unique novel on its own right. Part-memoir, part-spiritual guide, and part-self help, this book comes out shining like a beacon, heralding forth a new era of spirituality.

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Unbecoming: The Way Ahead
Unbecoming: The Way Ahead
Unbecoming: The Way Ahead

A Spiritual Journey

In today’s testing times, it is very essential for a highly evolved species like us, to know the reason why we are here. Technologically and in every other way, we have reached heights, that could only be imagined of. we have emphasized too much on the outside world, though, and in the process, the inner world, or that which is keeping you alive, is being overlooked. We are slowly understanding that material aspirations can only so much as fulfilling his desires, and wants to expand, as much as possible. This is because his true identity is that of expansiveness.

He does do not begin anywhere, nor does he end anywhere. Mysticism and the search for Truth have therefore begun to be seen as a way of understanding life that throbs within him. There is a huge shift in consciousness that s being experienced, globally, as never has spirituality and the need for it, been felt so intensely. This book is thus an attempt to help you visit that space within and try to, therefore, understand better what is it we have come here to do, who we are, and what is all this we see around us! In the author’s words –

“Through Unbecoming: The Way Ahead, I intend to reach out to all chosen Halers, Teachers and Therapists, who , in the coming months will play and huge role in the shifts we are witnessing now”

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my review

From the very first few pages, it was clear what the aim of the book would be (or at least, what the aim would be in my perception). I felt that it was a lot about Man and his journey in life. More specifically, his journey towards finding out his purpose.

Significance of the title

If we break down the work Unbecoming into “un” and “becoming”, it is clear what the general meaning is. To ‘unbecome’ is to reverse all the happenstance and experiences that have shaped you into the man you are today. As the author says, it is to peel back the layers of ego, belief system, prejudices, etc, and to unlearn so many things in order to understand existence.

How this spiritual journey began

The manuscript has a rather novel concept – the protagonist is shown as an aware and mindful being from his very birth. He registers his surroundings post his birth. From this very beginning few pages, one of the most important themes of the work is established.

“None of them seemed to recognize him and yet expressed sentiment of adortrion and happiness, only becasue it was expected of them”

Moreover, the husband is shown as someone who does not really want to go to the hospital to see his wife and son, but does so, because it is expected of him. These details really establish and give proof towards the fake and phony behavior that is so prevalent today. Do people really mean what they say or what they do?

Other Important Themes

The other theme covered elaborately by the author is that of SEXUALITY AND GENDER and not being comfortable in one’s body, therefore, GENDER IDENTITY.

The Spiritual truth about perception

Therein lies the crux of the matter. We are so enveloped by the emotions we MUST display, the standards we MUST possess; that amidst all these MUSTs and SHOULDs we lose our own voice and our individuality.

There is no universal truth in life. No one is either fully right or wrong. Truth in itself is a relative term and thus subject to change according to the individual’s background. However, emotions and feelings are universal and true. How one behaves towards others is essentially a reflection of the individual and so, a reflection of the entire humankind.

The Spiritual and motivational aspects

The author’s writing in itself is very inspirational. It touches you and compels you to wake up and take charge of yourself.

“You are the architect of your own life, free to design it any way you like”

As an everyday person, one might consider himself to be rather ordinary; not convincing enough in the essence of their being. But as the author says, what matters is that you have to CHOOSE to be powerful. That in itself also really reinforces the idea of balance between Destiny/Fate and your Will.

Writing style

The writing was very compelling and the most important feature of this book is how this story, or memoir or autobiography rather, has been tailored so as to read like a fictional novel. In this scenario it is very much alike to I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

There are also poems or rather verses (they were still beautifully poetic), at the end of each chapter, followed by meditation exercises. This book can be read as one for personal development which is all-round and holistic, and it can also be read by couples as well, for it teaches how to draw strength from oneself and for oneself to be established as complete individuals first.


The book is a lot about transformation. I would say the first character just proves that if you are open to learning, you will only grow and learn more as Tim passes you by. I rate it 4/5 stars!

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