An Assortment of Sorts, Ajay Ramanathan, 2018

Title: An Assortment of Sorts
Author: Ajay Ramanathan
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 140
The book ‘An Assortment of Sorts’ is a collection of 109 poems that the author Ajay Ramanathan has written & compiled so far. A majority of the author’s work is personal in nature as they are a reflection of author’s personal experiences during various periods of his life and they predominantly deal with life, love, rejection, joys, and anecdotes etc. Inspired by realistic themes in art, the author would best like to classify his writing style as a whole under the genre of ‘realism’. Ajay truly means it when he says this book is an ‘Assortment’ due to the different kinds of flavour and variety in this book with regard to themes and topics.
My review:
An Assortment of Sort is a great collection of some very good poetry pieces. The themes covered are very diverse- one can read some very heart touching and musical pieces on love, life, rejection, with some added anecdotes as well. As such, it can have a varied range in the readers’ ages. People from different age groups are bound to enjoy it.
The language used is simple but also very lucid as such there is a nice flow to the words. It is contemporary though, so keep that in mind. The combination of both rhyming scheme and blank verse in the poems adds a nice spice for all. Classified under the genre of realism, many are realistic and I feel drawn from the author’s own life experiences. As such it also adds certain authenticity and relatability to the work. As a reader, one can connect to the author’s feelings that pour out from the page into one’s own heart and soul. The titles of the various poems are well named and striking.
One thing that I think can be worked upon and improved ids the author’s tendency to elongate certain points that could have done without it. But I also cannot deny at certain other poems, it worked in the author’s favour and only enhanced the reading experience. There are also some errors in the punctuation that must be corrected in the future editions. The cover and title are very modern and in its abstractness, the reader is compelled to think and introspect themselves.
This anthology was one that I truly enjoyed and will be picking up soon again. I also rate this a 3.5/5 stars!

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