A Quest for Spring, Monica Mujumdar Dixit, 2017

Title: A Quest for Spring
Author: Monica Mujumdar Dixit
Year: 2017
Publishers: Notion Press
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Format: Paperback
Raehan and Amolika come from two very different worlds. And for the time that their worlds overlap and stick to one path, life seems beautiful. Between projects at college and hanging out with friends, the two of them come to a startling revelation that involves a bond of love between them.
Unbeknownst to the both of them, there lies a leviathan of espionage that eventually consumes the bond they share, driving them apart by force.
Sixteen years pass, when fate decides to rekindle their bond – only this time, the challenges are exacerbated by the unresolved baggage of the past. Do the two of them find each other? Does the dull, grey, long-standing spell of winter rise to give way to spring?
What I liked:
A Quest for Spring was a really interesting book, especially when I did not have high expectations from it. But it quite positively blew me away. The plot was quite long and while it may polarize many reviews, it worked in the author’s favour for me and thus, really pleased me. The themes of hope, religious and political strife, love, friendship, responsibility abounds these pages and interweaves a really intricate and detailed plot. ‘
The character of Amolika Nath has become an almost favourite for certain reasons- very much like my love for the similarly serious and career-oriented Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter world. Amolika’s drive and determination, as well her devotion to Kaka is worth mentioning and worth applauding. She is a person not afraid to give up her all for the people that he loved and also, is not afraid of risking her life for these ones. However, here I would also like to mention that at some points I really did find Amolika very self-centered and selfish, basically.
Raehan, on the other hand, as I found out later, us also a shy albeit focused person who really wants to repay what he considered dept. I front of the front rooms. Both of these characters were very likeable and real and thus, relatable. The author has also done a good job with Vikram. While there is a positive change in the protagonists, in case of Vikram, we see the opposite and this contrast is very interesting to observe.
The themes of friendship is the best explored in the book, I feel, apart from the obvious political unrest in the Valley. I would love to be a part of Millie, Sameer, Radhika, Amolika and Rehan’s group. The subtle romance added in the book is also worth reading about and enjoying. The allusions made to the famous persons and events in the book is also worth watching out for.  These were really nice and easy to read about. The language used in pretty intermediate and I think everyone will enjoy it.
I have really loved this experience, and A Quest for Spring has been one of the most interesting contemporary fictions I have read this year. I rate it a 4/5 stars!

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