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hi friends! i’m Nika, an Indian reader, and writer who blogs about books, fangirls over handsome but morally-grey characters, and often writes creative non-fiction.

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  1. (LATEST) Our Love/Hate Relationship: And How We Still Go On — Indelible Ink
  2. Why You Should Stop Using Linktree: Create Your Own Landing Page Instead! — Illumination
  3. A Woman’s Memories: Mine and Many Others’ — poem, The Lark
  4. Father’s Day Book Recommendations: A List of Books You Can Gift Your Reader Dad! — BAOS
  5. The Vengeful and the Depraved in ‘The Dangers of Smoking in Bed’: And how it made me face my own depravity — Coffee Time Reviews
  6. On Heartbreak: Not A Pretty Poem — poem, The Lark
  7. Ghosts: A Remembering in Free Verse — poem, The Lark
  8. The Story of an Unforgettable Bisexual Icon — Coffee Time Reviews
  9. Dilli of My Heart — Indelible Ink (also, a prequel to On Reading)
  10. How ‘Notes on Grief’ Made Me Face My Greatest Fear — Coffee Time Reviews

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